General Contractor in Huntington Beach

At the heart of any remodeling project, exists the licensed general contractor. They head your build, no matter how large or small, like the captain of a ship and at AAA Remodeling INC, we can promise you, you’d be lost without them.

Many Huntington Beach clients pursuing a renovation don’t immediately take into account the importance of a general construction contractor, but upon completion of the job, they’d never consider moving forward with another build without theirs.

The goal of a professional general contractor is to build trust between themselves and their client to move forward together and complete a flawless build.

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Getting high-quality work from your contractor starts at the very first meeting. Before we do anything for you, we always have to sit down with you to discuss the type of contracting services you’re looking for. Whether you’re a business owner or a homeowner, we can help you. Give us the full scope of your project, and we can go from there with the planning, the design, and get started building the project.

Here we will also create a detailed estimate of the costs, outlining the timeline, fees for specialists and subcontractors, costs of materials, and any other details. We want to give you absolute certainty about the job we’re going to be undertaking with you, in terms of the final cost and the time to complete it.

Our primary objective at the consultation is to completely understand what you’re looking for. Your satisfaction begins and ends with achieving your goals, which is why we take this initial discussion so seriously.

If you are in the market for a construction project, whether it’s a new build, a remodeling, or a smaller repair or installation job, give us a call for a consultation. We want to understand the project you’re looking to complete. Contact us now at (949) 278-7600 to find a time that works for you to sit down and discuss the type of project you have in mind.

Advantages of Hiring a Contractor

The advantages of hiring a licensed general contractor are many. Going into a home remodeling project on your own without their support, is like starting a business alone. You may start out alright, and maybe you’ll get through it just fine, but you’ll have infinitely more work and will likely get in over your head.

Consider the following before making a decision to move forward without a contractor.

The Big Picture

Having completed hundreds of successful builds, a building contractor knows how to plan a project from beginning to end. They can plan for any possible issues that might arise, and deal with them accordingly.

Established Crew

At AAA Remodeling INC our contractors come with an established crew they’ve been working with for years. Generally, this team is enough to get through any job but should they need to hire subcontractors, they know who to speak to and will never hire someone unreliable.

Peace of Mind

Once you lay out your basic plan for the renovation, your contractor will take care of everything else. They’ll check in with you on a regular basis, but things like paperwork, inspections, hiring and material purchasing will all fall on their capable shoulders.


A general construction contractor has a wealth of knowledge in their industry. There’s only so much someone can research online, but when you’ve been working hands-on for years, you’ll have next-level capability. Ask your contractor for anything during your build, and get the information you need immediately.

Financial Savings

Yes, hiring a contractor will save you in the long-run. Working with unreliable subcontractors and attempting to manage a build on your own right out the gate may feel like a great accomplishment in the end, but it’s not guaranteed everything will have been done properly, and you will only have yourself to hold responsible when it comes to fixing aspects of the reno.

Our Huntington Beach clients have never regretted working with our experienced construction contractors. Just come meet with any of our team members and see how they can benefit you.


There are many general contractors around, but in Huntington Beach, none are more experienced than AAA Remodeling Inc. We know that when you’re looking for a specialist to complete your construction job, it’s important that they bring the knowledge to approach and handle any job. That’s why we are proud to employ and partner with certified professionals and subcontractors for every part of a construction job including carpentry, plumbing, electrical, and more.

Many of our jobs feature starting a building completely from scratch, which means fitting together many elements of a project together in one unit. Everything must work together in perfect harmony, and it takes expert contractors to put the puzzle together. Your building will be up to code in every way, and we promise to give excellent handiwork.

When you want a general contractor, it’s essential that you get one with perfect work, and only experienced contractors can give you the handiwork you need. AAA Remodeling Inc is a company with the experts to handle any part of a construction job. Call us at (949) 278-7600 to book a consultation.


If you are a business owner looking for construction work, AAA Remodeling Inc is the team to call to get it done right. Whether you’re looking to make changes to your existing business spaces, opening a new location, or beginning your journey as a new business owner, we are the top-rated general contractor you can rely on.

We have been serving the businesses of Huntington Beach for years and have accumulated many happy clients who will attest to our quality of work. If you are looking to make changes to your commercial building, we’re the team that can get it done for you. Here are just some of the types of commercial properties we are happy to help with:

  • Retail stores
  • Mall complexes
  • Multi-level offices
  • Banks
  • Restaurants
  • Schools
  • And more!

But you may have an entirely different type of business. Don’t worry about that! Our experience with building is transferable to any construction job, and there’s a high chance we have worked on something similar before. Our knowledge gives us the adaptability to handle any construction job, no matter your business or type of project. To get expert contractors with years of experience helping local businesses, get in contact with us. You can reach us at (949) 278-7600, where an expert will be happy to schedule a consultation to discuss your project.


As a local homeowner, you may be looking to make improvements to your existing structure, or if you are looking to be a new homeowner, you may be considering a new build. Either way, your project is important, and we want to be here to provide you with the expert guidance and construction services you need to get a beautiful home addition or new build.

We approach every job as a unique situation, as we know the work you need for your home is different from anyone else’s. You have complete control over the work done on your property, never worrying about the quality of work or whether your contractor is listening to you. We want you to be informed about the progress of the project at every step of the way. We can handle any of these projects:

  • Home additions
  • Custom home builds
  • Kitchen remodels
  • Bathroom remodels
  • Basement finishing and remodels
  • Garage construction and remodels
  • Roofing installation and replacement
  • Many more!

There are many other jobs we can handle for you, so don’t feel limited by these options. No matter what you’re looking for, we have the attention to detail, experience, and resources to complete your job.

For the work you’re trying to complete on your home, get the help of the best contractors. If you want to get the best help you’ll find in the area, drop us a line at (949) 278-7600. Book a consultation with us, and we can discuss the scope of your project.


Whether you’re running a home or a business, you’re looking to keep your costs low on your construction projects. We understand this. That’s why at AAA Remodeling Inc, we always look to align our projects with your budget so that you’re never paying more than you can afford. We also keep our rates on labor and materials competitive.

After a consultation with us, it’s important that you understand the costs of our services. That’s why we provide detailed and accurate estimates for our services before we even start the job. We want you to know exactly what you’re signing up for. Call us at (949) 278-7600 to get this consultation and learn the estimate for your project!

Knowledgeable and Skillful Management

When you hire a general contractor, you are hiring a professional builder, planner and manager, with the knowledge and skill to carry out any renovation the way you want it.

They will always work within your timeline and budget, and keep you in the loop without adding stress to your already busy life.

Call AAA Remodeling INC any time to discuss your future remodeling project and how our contractors can help!